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This case study is a work in progress

As a founding designer who joined soon after Commsor’s Series B funding, I led the execution of a more cohesive design foundation. This included scaling up design systems, expanding product capabilities, and defining design culture from the ground up. 

Key projects during my time at Commsor include:

  1. Leading design for major projects like the development of global search and automations
  2. Collaborating with a Head of Product, Head of Engineering, engineering and customer-facing teams to realize our product vision
  3. Building relationships with our customers— community managers who are dedicated to supporting their members.

Commsor believes in the power of community-led. I joined as a founding designer soon after its Series B funding.

Its core product was a CRM for community managers to better understand the health of their online communities. During my time at Commsor, I saw this product expand into a suite of community management and networking products, of which I played a key role in founding its design culture. has changed dramatically since I worked there. Once a community management product, it is now a networking product.

Process at Commsor was scrappy, for a few reasons. The first is that we were an international team spread over numerous timezones, and secondly, Commsor was figuring out how to build a product not yet found on the market. 

The result can be seen in the screenshots below. We relied on leaving eachother written notes directly on Figma, often providing links to additional documents for easier access. This also helped provide visibility to folks who had more distance from the product development cycle. 

This case study is a work in progress. More to come!