Happy birthday to the .cool blog!

Sunday, February 27 2021
sukanyaray.cool: the blog took a long time to get here.

About two years ago, I decided to move my design portfolio from Semplice to Cargo with a fun and unusual URL. Over the course of those two years I worked my butt off writing case studies and articles on Medium about my journey within the product world with the mission to break longstanding myths about design. 

sukanyaray.cool: the portfolio went through a million revisions and reskins during that time. I went from posting a lot of projects, to very few, changing backgrounds from pink to black to beige, all the while looking for new opportunities that aligned with my values as a designer.

The latest version of my site lead to me joining Commsor, where I’ll be a product designer starting in March 💃

To save myself the trouble of paying for what would soon be an outdated URL, I decided to flip the site into a blog where I’ll be sharing matters that may be too personal for Medium. I will also be writing about things like art 🖼, minimalism ⚪️, and the pursuit of the aesthetic 🏺.

I thank myself for embarking on this journey, and you for being here! Let’s get crackin’.