Hi, I’m Sukanya!

I build complex systems for human beings 👽

Redesigning Visualytics

Building the heart of our data analysis platform. Coming soon!

Protobrand | November 2019—

Integrating platforms 

I lead our team of engineers and research leads with support from our panel partners to integrate our platforms for better usability

Protobrand | January— April 2020

Plotz, Protobrand’s design system

A brief rundown of our brand new (and still evolving) design system

Protobrand | January 2020—

Protobrand’s survey UI— mobile

I updated the UI for Protobrand’s survey UI by following mobile-first principles

Protobrand | August 2019—  July 2020

Can you quantify confidence?︎︎︎

A recent project focused on elevating analysts’ confidence made me wonder, is there a way to quantify the qualitative?
︎ | January 2021

I lead my team as we designed and presented FigBud, a Figma plugin that helps new designers get acquainted with the software

︎ | Camp Figma | August 2020

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